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About Jane Stevenson & Associates

We are a group of associates offering professional facilitation and coaching services to leaders throughout the country.

Facilitator definition:

An individual who enables groups and organizations to work more effectively; to collaborate and achieve synergy. They are a 'content neutral' party who by not taking sides or expressing or advocating a point of view, can advocate for fair, open, and inclusive procedures to accomplish the group's work.

Business Coach definition:

The practice of providing advice and support to an individual or group to help them recognize ways to improve the effectiveness of their business.

Business coaching is a relationship between 2 or more people that are committed to a common goal and future for the business. It involves rethinking the way the client approaches their organization in order to transform it.


We are passionate about unlocking the full potential of individuals and teams through strategy, motivation and effective communication.

The intellectual capacity in any organisation is dependent on finding the key to release it. Through asking the right questions, we explore what is and what could/should be.

We firmly believe the answers to your organisations future lie within your team.  If they don’t, you have the wrong team!


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About The Methodology

Using Participlan, we are able to drill down to the root of issues to enable people and companies to discover the excitement of moving forward.

It encourages buy-in from all parties and empowers them to take ownership and drive the process.
Being transparent, neither the methodology nor our facilitators entertain hidden agendas.

How it works:

Through creating a safe and non-threatening environment, we pose open questions to draw intellectual information from a team.

By drilling down to the root of any issues, the aim is to bring focus to the ideals and the vision of the business and create forward momentum in teams allowing them to implement strategy.

This information is then transformed into measureable action plans where individuals and departments understand the role that they have to play in the bigger picture - the future of the business.

Strategy is a process and not an event, the delivery thereof can only be effected through people and consistent action and measurement.

It is for this reason that we prefer to work alongside an organisation to drive change. This may require a series of interventions (which are agreed upfront).