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Curiosity may have killed the cat …. But has leadership killed curiosity?

Leadership is no longer a title that binds you to do what you have always done.  Today’s business environment requires us to push boundaries and break barriers.  This is relevant to staff, clients, processes, products / services and policies…etc.

We need to change the “norm” in order to stand out.  Product parity belongs to yesterday – uniqueness, differentiation, service and guts is what today’s business is about. 

Curiosity is a fine place to start because it:

  • Makes your mind active instead of passive
  • Makes your mind observant of new ideas
  • Adds excitement and energy 

So many companies are bound by processes and policies that were made in year dot!  Yet they have not asked “why do we do it that way?”   Many are so archaic that they are destructive to business.  But we fear change.  We live in the comfort zone.  We shy away in fear of it exposing us in some way.  But what if we embraced it – took on the challenge with our team – and raised the bar?

So here’s my challenge to you … become curious and talk to people:


  • Ask your clients + suppliers what they think.  Ask them what they believe you should do differently in order to have a more effective and efficient business. 
  • Look at the next generation who are the customers who will determine whether you will stay in business– what are their needs?  Are you aligning your business with them?
  • Ask your staff – how do they feel / what do they see?  They are the ones implementing things at ground level – you may be surprised at the outcome.


Too scared?  Worried in case they say something you don’t like?  Well, the truth is, whatever they are thinking, they are thinking anyway.  So rather be on top of your game and let them converse directly with you – than with the world out there. 

And here’s the trick – it needs to be conversational with the right person – not a questionnaire!  Above all, keep an open mind – you might just have fun along the way :)

In the words of Albert Einstein : “The important thing is not to stop questioning – never lose a holy curiosity”’ . 

Go on – become curious – I dare you!

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