She couldn't keep the colours inside the lines... so she drew new lines





jane stevenson


Jane Stevenson

strategist | business coach | mentor | keynote speaker


Jane’s purpose is to grow, develop and inspire others.  She is an entrepreneur and an intrepreneur (think about it…).

Hand her a blank canvas, chocolate and a challenge, and she’s happy. Ideas will flow and positive change will emerge.

But expect the difficult questions in order to uncover the ‘why?’.



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A compelling journey...

Jane’s role as strategic director for Magnetic Storm, sees her co-leading the company’s vision to strengthen and harness its reputation and offering on a national basis. Her passion for people development, innovation and dynamic thinking is her driving force.

Named by CEO publication as South Africa’s most influential businesswoman in the SME sector in 2012, Jane has also... been a member of the Board and EXCO of the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber.  During her tenure, she made history as ...


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No one is you and that is your power